Improving prospects with educational opportunities

The Werner Erkes Foundation was born out of the idea of wanting to be there for people in need. Since our foundation ten years ago, we have pursued the goal of helping where the need is greatest. That is why we support committed charitable and non-profit organizations in carrying out their projects in crisis areas around the world. The focus of these efforts is on education and training for children and young people in the poorest countries.


In the meantime, the foundation has been able to provide financial support for many school and educational projects in Africa, South America and Europe. Currently, we are concentrating on establishing cooperations with partner NGOs in African countries with the aim of designing and implementing sustainable projects in the field of education. The first three cooperations are presented under Projects. The high commitment of the partners in Germany or the target countries inspires us again and again.

How schools, kindergartens and other educational facilities help in Africa

Many children in Africa are still unable to go to school. We are committed to ensuring that they can exercise their right to education. One way we achieve this is by building new schools.
In many African countries, the number of illiterates is high. Many people cannot read or write because they have not attended school. Girls are often excluded from attending school. Often there is a lack of money for school attendance or awareness and understanding in the family.

Most children are involved in the family's daily household chores, and girls have particularly heavy responsibilities here. Parents are skeptical about schooling, often because they have never attended school themselves.
The importance of school attendance is immense, and not only in Africa. Because education has a positive impact on all children and is at the same time the key against poverty and for a better future. Education is a human right and is enshrined in both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.


Here are the news

There is always something new to report from our projects and sponsorships. Under "News" you can always stay up to date. Or simply follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

All our energy belongs to our projects

Our boarding school in Romania is currently being expanded to include a playground and sports hall. Three more educational projects are under construction in Namibia, Uganda and Senegal. Others are in the planning stage.

We have been supporting charitable associations for 10 years

Since WES was founded, we have focused our financial support on projects for education and sports in the world's crisis regions. These include kindergartens, schools, boarding schools and orphanages.

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