Not everything that is ours belongs to us

The founder, Werner Erkes, can look back on successful years as a designer and entrepreneur. He is aware that this was not possible solely because of his personal talents or achievements. In addition to luck, which of course always plays a role, the decisive factors were the opportunities he was given in childhood and youth in the form of a good upbringing and unrestricted access to an excellent education system.

All this made possible the development from rather modest petty-bourgeois circumstances into a successful businessman. The realisation that the success of the privileged always comes at the expense of the disadvantaged also allowed the idea of the foundation to mature.



The long road to a self-determined future

The easily discernible imbalance of opportunities for an economically secure life becomes particularly apparent in times of globalisation. The ever-widening gap between rich and poor exacerbates the potential for conflict in the social hotspots of our society. The industrialisation of the Western world and the unstoppable globalisation are fuelling the catastrophic conditions in the disadvantaged regions of the world.
Perhaps world peace is a utopia. Equality of opportunity for all people is probably also an unrealisable wish. But every step towards this goal makes the world a little more worth living in and a little safer.

"Education is the only solution. Education is the beginning of everything."

With the 2030 Agenda adopted in 2015, the international community under the umbrella of the United Nations committed itself to 17 global goals for a better future.

The guiding principle of the 2030 Agenda is to enable people around the world to live in dignity while at the same time preserving the natural foundations of life in the long term. This includes economic, ecological and social aspects. The 2030 Agenda emphasises the shared responsibility of all stakeholders: politics, business, science, civil society - and every single person.

The Werner Erkes Foundation has set itself the goal of promoting the sustainability goal of HIGH QUALITY EDUCATION in particular with its initiative.

While most children and young people in Germany go to school every week, around one in six children worldwide is unable to attend school.

For the children concerned, this means that they have little knowledge and often do not learn to read, write or do maths. As a result, they can only do a low-skilled job later on and often earn very little money.

Children living in poverty in particular are unable to go to school because they lack the money for lessons and school materials. These children go to work at an early age to support their families. Sometimes there is no school nearby.

This also makes it difficult for them to escape poverty. They lack important qualifications and skills

"So let us take up the fight against illiteracy, poverty and terror and take up our books and pens. They are our most effective weapons. A child, a teacher, a pen and a book can change the world. Education is the only solution. Education is the beginning of everything." 


Malala Yousafzai, children's rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner

The Board

Werner Erkes

Chairman and Founder

Werner Erkes is a graduate graphic designer and managing partner of TASKOM Werbeagentur GmbH & Co. KG, Düsseldorf, as well as initiator and founder of the foundation.

Cedric Bouscheljong


Cedric Bouscheljong has a Bachelor of Arts degree in administrative business administration and is an administrative officer at the Viersen district administration.

Ina Möhlenbeck

Member of the Board

Ina Möhlenbeck is a freelance systemic coach for positive relationship building as well as a communication and media manager.

The management

Dr. Joseph Wasswa

Managing director 

Dr Joseph Wasswa is a cultural scientist, musician and cultural award winner of the City of Regensburg as well as the main award winner for people with a background (University of Regensburg/ BMW/ BAMF). He is responsible for the development and management of the Werner Erkes Foundation East Africa.

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