Financially supported associations

While we are currently focussing on our own project work, we have mainly supported associations active in the education sector since the foundation was established.

Since its establishment in 2013, we have been providing financial support to associations in Germany and abroad that are primarily committed to the education of children and young people in crisis areas around the world. The Werner Erkes Foundation thus makes a small contribution to reducing the existing injustices in the opportunities for education and a self-determined life.

In addition, we have helped people in acute disaster areas such as the Ukraine or the Ahr Valley. We got to know all the leaders of the supported associations personally and were inspired by their great selfless commitment. Through constant exchange, WES has also been able to benefit from their wealth of experience with regard to its own project work.

Jaguaripe e.V.

Children's Aid in Brazil

Focus: Reconstruction
The Förderverein Jaguaripe has been successfully supporting kindergartens and schools in Brazil since 2007 - with financial help, but also with personal commitment on site. Jaguaripe supports measures ranging from building repairs to pedagogical training and attaches great importance to the initiative and self-reliance of all those involved.
Donations are used according to local needs:
Emergency aid - for urgent financial needs such as building repairs after storm damage.
Start-up aid - investments for the sustainable development of independent institutions.
Participation - co-financing of maintenance costs of existing facilities.
Even after achieving self-sufficiency, Jaguaripe maintains contact with those responsible - including through personal involvement on the ground.
2013 - today
Donations to date > € 100,000

Burundi-Hilfe e.V.

Education centre and other projects


Burundi Hilfe e.V. is a non-profit organisation which has built and maintains the Johannes Wolters Centre (orphanage and education centre) in Burundi.
Burundi-Hilfe enables children and young adults to get a qualified education!
At the Johannes Wolters Centre, children receive learning support and young adults receive initial vocational training, such as courses to become tailors or basket weavers.
Burundi Aid offers scholarships for students of various disciplines.
Burundi-Hilfe has financed classrooms and workshops for future farmers. These are located in the ETEE agricultural school in Ngozi Province, which is run by the partner organisation Fondation Stamm.
2013 - today
Total donations to date > € 150,000

Lahai-Roi e.V.

Direct emergency aid in Romania and Ukraine


Many people in north-eastern Romania live under catastrophic conditions.
Mud huts that barely protect against rain! Lack of work and prospects!
Loitering children! Fathers who spend what little money they have on alcohol! These are all impressions that describe the situation in the villages around the city of Iasi in north-eastern Romania.
Lahai-Roi e.V. has set itself the task of helping poor local people out of Christian charity.  The help should be material, sustainable, but also life-changing and spiritual.
In addition to providing our boarding school free of charge, the Werner Erkes Foundation financially supports their family work and disaster relief. 
2013 - today
Donations to date > € 100,000

Majaoni Rescue Centre e.V. 

Orphanage in Mombasa (Kenya)

The Majaoni Rescue Centre (MRC) is a children's aid project that works for abused and mistreated children and orphans. The MRC provides counselling for sexually and physically abused orphans and poor children and offers them a new home.
The organisation was founded in July 2010 and is located in Bamburi, Mombasa district/Kenya. There, the children receive everything they need from infancy to independence as a total concept, so to speak: Love and security, food, accommodation and medical care. They regularly attend kindergarten, schools and churches.
WES supported the association around Barbara Ernst in the completion of the orphanage.


2018 - 2021
Donation amount > € 50,000

Studieren ohne Grenzen e.V.

Higher education in crisis regions

Studies Without Borders is committed to higher education in crisis regions. It awards scholarships to needy students, contributes to improving the educational infrastructure and aims to raise public awareness of the situation in the project regions.
With its voluntary work, it wants to support young people in contributing to the reconstruction of their home countries. Together with the scholarship holders, Studies without Borders aims to contribute to the peaceful and sustainable development of countries and regions suffering from war and its consequences.


2019 - today
Donation amount > € 10,000

Sewasewe Genet

Homeless shelters in Ethiopia


The main aim of this NGO is to help and give hope to those who are unable to support themselves due to old age, mental illness and lack of parents. It also supports young students who come from far away in search of education (kolo temaris) and who spend the night without shelter and feed themselves by begging. All these people could become productive forces in society if they receive adequate support, basic health care and the education they desire. The second objective is to try to make the organisation sustainable by introducing some income generating projects. Two projects have already started and are still at a very early stage. They need both technical and financial support from donors to be successful.


2019 - 2022

Spendensumme > € 35.000

PSZ Düsseldorf

Psychosocial Centre for Refugees e.V.

The Psychosocial Centre Düsseldorf is a counselling and therapy facility for traumatised and psychologically stressed refugees. Every year, around 1,000 people from over 50 countries find support here in more than 20 languages. The need is greater than the intake capacity. 
In order to improve the care of all refugees, the PSZ offers training for professionals and volunteers in the health, social and youth sectors on trauma, asylum-specific and transcultural topics. The PSZ is a non-profit association founded in 1987 and is a member of the "Diakonisches Werk Rheinland-Westfalen-Lippe e. V. - Diakonie RWL" and thus at the same time affiliated to the national umbrella organisation "Evangelisches Werk für Diakonie und Entwicklung e. V." (EWDE).


2019 - today
Donation amount > € 20,000

Ayudis e. V.

Humanitarian projects in Europe


Ayudis is dedicated to humanitarian projects and makes it its business to take up the fates of children and young people and improve their living conditions.


2021 - 2022
Donation amount € 8,000

Eine Welt Netz NRW e. V.

Together for the World Development Goals

Eine Welt Netz NRW wants global risks to be understood as a common challenge. That is why they are committed to global solidarity with partners in the global South. In NRW, they support the commitment to the necessary transformations, e.g. in climate protection and world trade.
Donation amount € 40,000

Light for the World - Licht für die Welt e.V.

Light for the World is an international aid organisation for eye health and inclusive development cooperation in Africa. The association builds up medical care, enables education for all children and strengthens the rights of people with disabilities in society, the world of work and politics. 
The steady loss of eyesight and even blindness is most common in low-income countries. There, the rate of untreated eye diseases is 90%, with sub-Saharan Africa being particularly affected.
1.1 billion people have visual impairment
43 million people worldwide are blind
90% of people can be helped
Donation amount € 5,000

Peru-Aktion e. V.



The project was founded about 30 years ago in the hinterland of Peru in the Pasco region to provide a good education to destitute young people from the poorest families.
Peru-Aktion acquired a former estate (hacienda) with almost 700 hectares, whose trees had been cut down or burnt down by previous owners and which no longer generated any significant economic income. The buildings of the more than 100-year-old estate were converted and extended step by step. The deforested or burnt down mountain primeval forest was gradually replanted.
Young people between the ages of 11 and 17 from very poor families far away from suitable schools are given the opportunity to attend the state secondary school - otherwise a privilege for only a few in Peru.
Donation amount € 20,000

Besa e. V.

Education, Evangelisation and Social Aid for Albania
One focus of the aid is to help Albanian families, but also young people, to start their own businesses. To this end, Besa offers training, counselling, support and (small) loans to start their own business. Several projects are already working successfully in the handicraft, agriculture and trade sectors.
Donation amount € 20,000

NOBE Nkamba Organisation for Better Education

Kindergarten and primary school
After only a few months, the construction of the kindergarten in Nkamba was completed next to the primary school. All rooms are furnished so that the little ones can enjoy the playful education and also the daily hot meal from summer on. 
The NOBE was officially recognised as an NGO on 08.09.2022. This non-governmental organisation has the following main objectives: 
- To promote cooperation, partnership and assistance between private individuals or groups in Germany and Rwanda in particular and the rest of the world in general, in the field of education and in the socio-economic field. 
Donation amount € 42,000

Düsseldorf teilt e. V.

There is poverty in Düsseldorf too
The association has set itself the task of promoting the numerous local projects, associations and initiatives that help people in need in Düsseldorf. The association is supported by a large network of volunteers, supporters from the business community and Düsseldorf associations, as well as the city of Düsseldorf. 
Together with all Düsseldorfers, Düsseldorf teilt wants to ensure that a life worth living and with dignity is also possible at the margins of society. This can only be achieved in partnership with the many great associations and initiatives that work locally in Düsseldorf for people in need.
2020 - 2023 
Donation amount € 10,000


Kindergarten und Grundschule in Kyangwali, Uganda


Wir freuen uns, dass wir mit unserer Unterstützung helfen konnten, den Betrieb der Grundschule im Flüchtlingslager in Kyangwali an der Grenze zur Demokratischen Republik Kongo aufrechtzuerhalten.

Die NGO YOBAC wurde 2016 von Jugendlichen aus verschiedenen Ländern wie dem Kongo (DRC), Ruanda, Uganda und dem Südsudan gegründet, die derzeit im Kyangwali Refugee Camp leben. YOBAC widmet sich der Ausbildung von Kriegswaisen und Jugendlichen in den Flüchtlingssiedlungen und den Gastgemeinden, um die Schwachen zu stärken und die Ursachen der Armut zu bekämpfen. Heute ist die Youth Organization For Building African Communities (YOBAC) eine ehrenamtliche, gemeinnützige Jugendorganisation in der Flüchtlingssiedlung Kyangwali im Bezirk Hoima, Uganda.



Donation amount € 10,000

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