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July 2023 - A visit to Osterode am Harz

To get to know each other better, we went on a weekend trip to our new friends and project partners at the Elhadj Diouf Foundation (EDF). Over coffee and cake and a short hike, there was a lot to talk about and learn. Of course, the focus was on the joint project of a multifunctional sports facility, a playground as well as changing and sanitary buildings in Kaolack, Senegal. On this occasion, we also dusted off an original painting by a Senegalese artist, which thematises the cultural bridge-building between the schools in Kaolack and Osterode.

July 2023 - Support for a Primary School in Uganda

In addition to the construction of the school in Kasese, we support another school project in Uganda in the refugee camp in Kyangwali on the border to the Democratic Republic of Congo. We are pleased that we were able to help keep the school running with our funding. The NGO YOBAC was founded in 2016 by young people from different countries such as Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Uganda and South Sudan who are currently living in Kyangwali Refunge Camp. The organisation aims to transform African communities. YOBAC is interested in educating war orphans and youth and is dedicated to working with youth in refugee settlements and host communities to empower the vulnerable and address the root causes of poverty.

May 2023 - Start of construction in Kasese.

WES and REP (Reach the Poor) are building a school of excellence that will enable children to progress from kindergarten (Early Childhood Education) through primary school to the end of their education. The school will not only meet the children's educational needs, but also provide literacy classes, ICT training and lectures on practical life skills to improve the students' skills so that they can keep up with their peers in other developed cities in the country that already have better school facilities, thus reducing the economic gap.

May 2023 - Playgrounds and sports fields in Kaolack, Senegal

WES is building a sports complex with the BRS, EDF and AKS foundations on the grounds of the pre-school and primary school under construction in Kaolack, Senegal. This includes a multifunctional sports field and a playground as well as a changing room and sanitary building. We are pleased that the new cooperation was concluded so quickly and smoothly and look forward to the intensive collaboration. (The graphic shows a non-binding preliminary draft)

April 2023 - The iMacs have arrived in Romania

The 12 iMacs donated by TASKOM have been installed. Several children can now learn, play and surf on the computer at the same time. The children of different age groups are thus introduced to the media under supervision. 4 computers are used in the administration.

April 2023 - The kindergarten was completed

After only a few months, the construction of the kindergarten in Nkamba (Rwanda) was completed. All rooms are furnished so that the little ones can enjoy the playful education and also the daily warm meal from summer on.

December 2022 - iMacs for boarding school

12 iMacs and 10 additional monitors that were taken out of service at the TASKOM advertising agency are on their way to our boarding school in Victoria (Romania).

November 2022 - New school project in Kasese (Uganda)

We are very happy to have found an experienced partner in "Reach the Poor" for the construction of the Horizon Primary School. The project includes a kindergarten and a primary school for a total of 800 boys and girls as well as a boarding school for up to 240 children.

October 2022 - Start of construction of the ODEC in Swakopmund

We were very impressed by the people and landscapes during our trip to Namibia. The living conditions found in the townships have once again impressively confirmed our decision to build the ODEC education project in Swakopmund. The foundations have already been dug. The opening is planned for January 2024.

September 2022 - A visit to the Fondation Stamm in Berundi

On our trip to Africa, we gladly accepted the invitation of the Fondation Stamm to get to know their numerous projects (kindergartens, schools, hospitals, etc.). We were overwhelmed by what the Fondation Stamm has built up in partnership with Burundikids e. V. and other charitable associations over the past decades.

September 2022 - NOBE and WES are planning educational projects in Nkamba (Rwanda).

The board of the Werner Erkes Foundation visits a primary school project in a rural area near the capital Kigali (Rwanda). NOBE and WES will work closely together to expand the primary school with more classrooms and build an administration building. A kindergarten and a secondary school are planned for the medium-term future.

August 2022 - The ODEC - Open Door Education Centre - is being built

The cooperation agreement between the Werner Erkes Foundation and Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e. V. on the construction and operation of an education centre in Namibia was signed. A visit of the association to Namibia is planned for October.

March 2022 > The boarding school is now open for refugees

Immediately after the beginning of the war, our boarding school in Eastern Romania also became a reception camp for fleeing women and children from Ukraine.

January 2022 - New construction of a sports hall in Victoria (Romania)

Thanks to the mild winter, the construction of the new sports hall right next to the boarding school could be started.

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