We are looking for committed project partners

We are still looking for associations and foundations to finance joint educational projects with a focus on the African continent. Ideally, we would be the third partner to complement a cooperation between a German association and a local NGO that has already been successful for years. Please feel free to contact us.

Together more is possible

Our projects are always created in cooperation with other established associations in Germany on the one hand and NGO's in the crisis countries especially in Africa on the other hand. The preferred cooperation looks as follows: A German association collects donations for their partner NGO and supports and advises the organization in all strategic questions.

The foreign NGO is responsible for the daily project work in the construction and maintenance of social facilities such as kindergartens, schools, educational centers, boarding schools, orphanages, sports complexes etc.


The Werner Erkes Foundation offers itself as a third partner for the financing of new or further large-scale projects. The foundation always strives for a long-term partnership which, if necessary, also provides for the assumption of proportional maintenance costs. The successful cooperation is based on a trusting, lively and intensive exchange. Fundamental decisions regarding the development of the projects are always made jointly.
No rule without exception: The boarding school and the sports hall in Victoria are the property of the Foundation and are made available to the Lahai-Roi Association free of charge. However, the close cooperation is comparable to the one described above.

Our current projects

Our first project, the boarding school in eastern Romania on the Moldovan border, was officially launched in 2021. Since then, three more cooperations have been established with clubs/NGOs operating successfully in Africa. The sports facility in Kaolack is in the planning stage. The other two projects are already under construction.

ODEC Open Doors Education Centre

The ODEC Education Centre is being built in Swakopmund, Namibia, directly in the DRC township.

Boarding school + sports and games hall

The boarding school for boys and girls in Victoria, Romania, has been in operation since 2021. A sports and play hall is currently being built.

Horizon Primary School

The primary school incl. kindergarten and boarding school is currently being built in Kasese, Uganda

Sports field and playground

A multifunctional sports field, playground and social buildings are planned in Kaolack, Senegal.

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