Horizon Primary School, a cooperation with Reach the Poor REP in Kasese, Uganda

Without heavy equipment, the first step is to move the earth.

Construction started in April 2023

After four years of construction, 800 boys and girls are taught in the school complex.

Nyamwamba and Kirembe divisions in Kasese district in western Uganda are an area of poverty. The majority of the inhabitants live from agriculture and many families have to make do with less than € 1 per day. In the rural areas of Uganda, there are no schools in most communities and the few government schools that exist are very far away, in poor condition and perform very poorly in the national examinations, forcing children to walk more than 10 km to the nearest school, which charges high fees that most families cannot afford. As a result, a large proportion of children do not even receive primary education, and of those who do start, many drop out due to lack of money and the long walk to the nearest school. The establishment of Horizon Primary School in Kasese by REP in 2013 was seen as a relief by many families and orphans, but the school is still in a very poor condition, has few amenities and does not provide education beyond primary.

240 children from the wider surrounding area will be cared for at the boarding school in the future.

To change this situation, WES and REP (Reach the Poor) are building Excellence School, which will enable children to progress from kindergarten (Early Childhood Education) through primary to the end of their education. The school will not only cater for the educational needs of the children, but also provide literacy classes, ICT training and practical life skills lectures to improve the skills of the students so that they can keep up with their peers in other developed cities in the country that already have better school facilities, thereby reducing the economic disparity.  
REACH THE POOR: The school follows the guidelines of the National Curriculum Development Centre and the teaching standards of the Ministry of Education and Sports. We focus on nurturing the personality of the children by ensuring the holistic development and growth of each child. Our teachers are trained to identify and nurture students' strengths and talents. They strive to identify the children's individual weaknesses and provide support so that they can find their own path of learning and develop into confident and responsible individuals.


The NGO Reach the Poor has been active for many years and has built a primary school with a few classes in the past with modest means but great commitment.


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